Brown County 911 Dispatch Now Able To Video Chat With Callers

The Brown County 911 Dispatch Center is trying out a new program which will allow dispatchers to video chat with 911 callers.

A program that can add vital location and incident information in real time.

With the push of a button, dispatchers can connect with the callers phone via video to see exactly where the emergency is and to what extent it is. This will become very
helpful to all aspects of emergency responders.

Dispatchers can tell firefighters how large a structure fire is or tell ambulance personnel types of injuries involved and number of patients at a traffic crash.

If a person becomes disabled in their vehicle and don’t know where they are, they can show the dispatcher local landmarks to narrow down the location.

The program is called Prepaired Live and is free for the county to use.

Brown County Dispatch is the first agency in our area to test out the program, but other emergency directors throughout the state are also looking into it.