Bucket Brigade Totals Over $40,000 in Donations Towards Red Kettle Campaign

The Fond du Lac
Salvation Army had a few extra checks to count following Friday’s Bucket
Brigade. Those additional donations brought in another $7,455 for the Red
Kettle Campaign – which brings the total community effort to $26,319.50. 

the $15,000 match donation from Michels Corporation is added in, that brings
the total to $41,319.50. 

The five and a half hour effort ran outside of our
studios here on Winnebago Drive
and across from the fire station on South
Main Street
on Friday – with help from Fond du Lac firefighters
ringing the bells and taking donations. 

Last year’s Bucket Brigade, including a
matching donation, totaled $33,726.  

While this effort covers a significant percentage of the $165,000 goal form the Red Kettle Campaign, the Salvation Army still needs your help and donations this holiday season.