Budget Presented To FDL City Council

Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore told the City Council during a budget presentation Wednesday night that the estimated cost of a police and fire training facility is no longer $3.5 million. Moore said the cost of land needed for the facility has driven the price up to closer to $5.2 million.  He says they are interested in land just south of Highway 151 off of Hickory. But either of the parcels they are looking at will cost $1.5 million. As for the overall budget Moore says the tax levy would be $25 million, which works out to an increase of 3.9 percent on the tax rate. He says that comes to an increase of $35.80 in taxes on a house assessed at $100,000. He says that would be a monthly impact of $2.99. The Council will hold a special meeting on the budget next Wednesday night.

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