Budget Speakers Ask For Wind Turbines Health Impact Study

Fond du Lac County supervisors heard from two speakers during a public hearing on the 2017 County Budget this week. Both James Mueller and Elizabeth Ebertz urged the County to include money in the budget for a study of the effects of wind turbines on human health. County Executive Al Buechel says the County passed a resolution in June urging the state to do a study. He says a study has to be much larger than one county with 168 turbines to make it valid enough for anyone to accept it. He says the state has to step up on the issue. Buechel says the two speakers also wanted an acoustical expert to speak at a health board meeting, but it won’t do any good if the Department of Health Services isn’t willing to listen to that type of evidence. He says the County isn’t challenging what those experts are saying. He says the DHS in Madison isn’t willing to make a link like that. He says right now the Department of Health Services is not making any statements related to the health impacts of wind turbines.