Buechel Attended Town Hall Meeting About Methamphetamine

Before the Town Hall in Fond du Lac about methamphetamine last week Fond du Lac County’s Executive was aware the drug could become a problem. The County Medical Examiner’s Office does a number of autopsies for other counties. County Executive Al Buechel says unfortunately the medical examiner has seen the impact the drug has on young people from further up the Fox Valley. Fond du Lac County is not as bad off as other parts of the Fox Valley because it hasn’t gotten to the county yet. Buechel had a general awareness about methamphetamine, but says he learned a lot of information during the Town Hall meeting. He wasn’t aware of the scarring and sores on meth victims, which is caused by scratching because of a sensation of bugs crawling under the skin. He also wasn’t aware of how easy it was to make meth. Buechel notes the leaders of drug cartels are businessmen and methamphetamine is just another product they can make money off of.