Build Up Of Lint In Ductwork Cause Of Apartment Fire In Fond du Lac

An apartment fire Sunday evening in Fond du Lac is believed to have been caused by a large build of lint in the ductwork.

FDL Fire Rescue was called out Sunday October 31, 2021 at 7:52 p.m. to Glacier Valley Estates at 50 N. Prairie Rd for a reported fire in a third floor laundry room.

Upon arrival crews encountered smoke conditions coming from a clothes dryer in a third story laundry room. The fire was contained to the dryer and was extinguished. No residents were injured or displaced. 

Fire crews found duct work full of lint which contributed to the dryer catching fire. FDLFR would like to remind all residents to make sure lint traps and dryer duct work are cleaned periodically.

FDLFR members will be canvassing the area Monday handing our fire safety literature to area residents. FDLFR was assisted by FDLPD who provided scene management.