Burn Awareness

The Division Chief for Fire Prevention with Fond du Lac Fire and Rescue feels it is always good time to practice burn awareness. National Burn Awareness Week ended last Saturday, but Troy Haase thinks it is always good to look around your home for ways to make it safer. He says, “Take a look at your home when you go into your kitchen does it look safe. Do I have a fire extinguisher? Do I have a fire extinguisher that’s not in the kitchen so I can get to it if there is a fire?” He also recommends making sure your garage is safe. He says, “When you look in your garage. Do I have my gas cans and my lawnmowers and snow blowers stored in a certain area that isn’t around other things that can cause a spark or cause a fire?” He also suggests making sure space heaters are safe and can’t be knocked over by kids or pets. Other tips include keeping matches and lighters up out of the reach of children. According the National Burn Association between 2011 and 2015 approximately 486,000 fire or burn injuries were seen at Emergency Departments.