Butchers Block Gets New Life In NFDL

The Butcher’s Block in North Fond du Lac has gotten a new lease on life. It looked like they would be closing next month when Kwik Trip takes over the PDQ Food Store, which the Butcher’s Block is located inside of. PDQ will be shutting down, but Butcher’s Block owner Travis Radloff says they have signed a lease with Kwik Trip, which will allow them to use the PDQ space through next February. PDQ has been open in North Fond du Lac for 30 years, and the Butcher’s Block has been part of that for the past 17 years. The Butcher’s Block will be expanding what they offer at that location; many of the same things PDQ did with the exception of selling gasoline. That will include the bakery, coffee, donuts, groceries, soda and water. What happens at the end of February isn’t known, but Radloff says they’ve made a lot of friends in North Fond du Lac and they are happy they can continue to serve them. The Butcher’s Block also has a location on Fond du Lac Avenue in Fond du Lac.