Butler Placement On Nitschke Road Temporarily Blocked

Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s deputies stood guard at a residence on Nitschke Road in the Town of Eldorado Thursday night and Friday morning making sure the state’s Department of Health Services didn’t place a violent sex offender at the residence. Sheriff Mick Fink says a Marinette County judge decided to stay his order on the placement of 54-year-old Jeffrey Butler until the Town of Eldorado could gets its motion before him arguing against the placement. But the judge would not be able to sign the order until Friday morning. Sheriff Fink and County Corporation Counsel Meggin McNamara got a temporary restraining order from Fond du Lac County Judge Robert Wirtz Thursday to prohibit the placement. Fink says DHS wasn’t going to recognize Marinette County Court Judge James Morrison’s order until he signed it. Fink says they received word DHS would try and place Butler at the residence at 6 a.m. Friday morning so deputies armed with the temporary restraining order took turns standing guard on the road to the residence all night. Fink says they got word Friday morning through probation and parole that DHS had backed off on the placement.