Campbellsport Highway Garage Dedicated

Fond du Lac County officials dedicated the new county highway garage in Campbellsport over the weekend. It’s located in the new Campbellsport Industrial Park. County Executive Al Buechel says they began looking at building a new facility 15 years ago and bought the land for it five years ago. He says the new facility was finished this spring. The 17,500 square foot facility includes solar paneling, which he says is cost effective and more environmentally responsible. It also includes a 3,900 ton salt shed for use by the state and county. He says the old facility only had about an 800 ton capacity. He says they will now be able to get most of their salt supply at the beginning of the season and won’t have to worry about it even during a rough winter.

Pictured from Left to right Llody Bunkelman Highway employee, Tom Janke Highway Commissioner, Mike Holzman Highway employee, Allen Buechel County Executive, Jim Guell, Highway employee, Joe Koch, Highway Committee Chair, John Zorn, Highway Committee Vice Chair, Martin Farrell, County Board Chair, John Zettler, Chief Superintendent, John Muentner Sr., Previous member of County Board and Highway Committee, Doug Forton, Barrientos Design Architect, Karen Madigan Highway Committee, Jeff Bertram Shop Superintendent, Andy Seibel Superintendent and the person cutting the ribbon it Don Stoffel retired Highway employee Campbellsport Garage. Picture courtesy of Steve Hinkley.