Canada Milk Trade Barriers

State Senator Dan Feyen says he’s hoping federal officials can work out a milk trade dispute with Canada that could impact farmers across the state. Starting May 1st Grassland Dairy will no longer being buying milk from Wisconsin Dairy Farmers. That will impact nearly 60 farms in the state and several in Fond du Lac County. Feyen says federal and state officials are trying to find purchasers for that milk if the dispute can’t be worked out with Canada. Both Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators Johnson and Baldwin recently voted to approve the appointment of new Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue. Both are calling for swift action to dissolve the trade barriers. Feyen says local farmers are selling a product that has a global market. Governor Walker also spoke to President Trump about the situation this week. President Trump countered Canada’s milk trade barriers by announcing new duties on the imports of Canadian softwood lumber.