Candidates Can Start Circulating Nomination Papers On April 15th

Several candidates have already announced they will be running for Fond du Lac County Sheriff this fall, but nomination papers for that office and others can’t be circulated until April 15th. “April 15th nomination papers will be circulated for those elections that will be on the August and November ballot and for County that is going to be the Clerk of Circuit Courts and the Sheriff race.” County Clerk Lisa Freiberg says candidates for Clerk of Courts and Sheriff will need 500 signatures on their nomination papers to get their name on the ballot. The primary election will be August 14th and the General Election on November 6th. Freiberg says the primary election is important because if the only candidates running are from the same party the winner could ultimately get the office they are seeking. She says, “Right now the two candidates for Sheriff both of them are running on the Republican ticket so you know they are going to be working very, very hard.”