Candidates for FDL County Board of Supervisors Can Circulate Nomination Papers

Fond du Lac County Residents interested in running for a
County Board Supervisor position are now able to circulate nomination papers.

The County has 25 supervisory districts, and county supervisors
serve two-year terms that are up for re-election in the spring of even-numbered
years. Candidates are required to complete the proper forms and meet specific
deadlines to be placed on the ballot. The paperwork, along with maps of
districts can be obtained through the Fond du Lac County Clerk’s Office. Completed
paperwork needs to be returned to the clerk’s office no later than 5 pm on
January 7th.

The Spring Primary in 2020 is on February 18th,
with the Presidential Preference Primary and Spring Election on April 7th.

People with questions can contact the County Clerk’s office
at 920-929-3000 between 7:45 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.