Capitol Conversations Continue Regarding COVID Relief Bills

At the state Capitol, a package of Republican coronavirus relief bills includes one requiring Governor Tony Evers to allocate 200 million dollars from the federal government to small businesses. Representative Tod Ohnstad, a Kenosha Democrat, says even Republicans seem pleased with previous COVID support from the administration 

“If these were so successful, is there some reason why you think the next round will not be successful, after he consults with all the people he consulted with the first time?” 

The bill’s author, Representative Clint Moses of Menomonie 

“I think we can agree a lot on what needs to happen. But I think there’s areas that definitely need a little more oversight, a little more thought. And the more minds that we can bring to the table on this, the better.” 

Republicans have been highly critical of what they call Evers’ go it alone strategy on spending federal COVID relief. The bill provides grants to businesses that had total sales in 2019 of less than 7 million dollars, and that suffered economic damage as a result of the pandemic.