Cardinal’s Nest To Help Elementary Students With Playground Equipment

Advanced marketing students at Fond du Lac High School are responsible for the entire retail operations of it’s school-based enterprise, The Cardinal’s Nest, but they also understand that one area of operating a business that is just as important as customer satisfaction is social responsibility.  This year the team has committed to playing a “Big Brother” role to Parkside Elementary School of Fond du Lac to help them raise enough Box Tops, Milk Moola caps, Labels for Education, Tyson Food’s Project A+ labels to help fund the purchase of new playground equipment.

Collecting these items isn’t a new concept for Fond du Lac students.  Most have been doing it from an early age as all of the elementary buildings in the Fond du Lac School District collect them and offer some type of reward for the students. Since these corporate consumer loyalty programs are specifically designed for K-8 schools, oftentimes families will stop collecting them when their children get to high school.  Unfortunately, that means that there are potentially a lot of “dollars” getting thrown into waste baskets.  The Cardinal’s Nest is hoping that all local residents will reconsider rather than throwing those “dollars” into the trash can, dropping them off at their local elementary or middle school, or at the Cardinal’s Nest at Fond du Lac High School to be further distributed.

“I was having a conversation about the various playgrounds at our local elementary schools with my Cardinal’s Nest team at the end of summer, and we talked about how students at some schools have access to more playground equipment options than others,” said Jennifer King, advanced marketing teacher and school store advisor.  “I mentioned that many of the PTO’s at the schools use the money they receive from loyalty program incentives to purchase new playground equipment.”  From there the students decided to become a “Big Brother” to a local school, Parkside Elementary, and help in their collection efforts as they would like to see some new opportunities for those students next year.

Local residents may drop off Box Tops, Milk Moola Caps, Labels For Education, Tyson Food’s Projecy A+ labels at any public school in the Fond du Lac School District.   The Cardinal’s Nest is the collection site for Fond du Lac High School, however, elementary schools include Chegwin, Evans, Lakeshore, Parkside, Pier, Riverside, Roberts, Rosenow, STEM Academy or Waters, and middle schools include Sabish, STEM Institute, Theisen, and Woodworth. 

For more information on how to donate, contact the Cardinal’s Nest at [email protected]