Care Continues for Dog Left Abandoned Inside FDL Home

The Fond du Lac Humane Society continues to provide care
to a dog that was discovered to have been abandoned inside a home in Fond du
Lac over the weekend. Fond du Lac Police responded to the home on Hickory
Street on Sunday afternoon just after 1 pm, after a neighbor coming by to mow
the lawn at the vacant property noticed the dog and a cat inside the home. The
Humane Society says the dog is dealing with starvation, severe dehydration and
emaciation – and their staff is continuing to try and slowly bring the dog back
to health.

Shelter Manager Renee Webb says this type of scenario –
where people move out of apartments or houses and leave pets behind – is happening
more often than people think in Wisconsin. “We get called frequently, and I
know talking to other shelter managers across the state, it happens everywhere –
and it’s really something that needs to stop,” Webb said. “We’re not really
sure if it’s because people just don’t care, or if people believe that the
landlord is going to have to take care of the animal with the house and the
property.” She adds that if you are moving and can’t take your pet with you
where you’re going – to find a safe place where it can be taken care of, such
as with a friend, a family member or with the Humane Society.