Caring for Pets, Livestock in Extreme Heat

A heat advisory goes into effect this afternoon and will stay
in place until Friday evening. While it’s important to keep yourself and your
friends and neighbors safe from the heat, the state Department of Ag, Trade and
Consumer Protection wants you to make sure your pets, and livestock are safe,
too. Heat stoke is a threat for both pets and livestock, and can be fatal even
with prompt treatment.

Experts say pet owners should make sure their animals have
fresh, cool drinking water at all times and to make sure outdoor kennels are
well-ventilated and shaded, with water in bowls that will not tip over. Pet
owners are also encouraged to avoid exercising pets on hot days or on warm,
humid nights. Pet owners are also reminded to never leave an animal in a parked
vehicle, even for a few minutes.

Livestock owners are encouraged to avoid transporting
animals in heat over 80 degrees with high humidity and to try to deliver
animals at night or in the early morning. Livestock also need well-ventilated
spaces in farm trucks, barns or any enclosed area and fresh drinking water and
shade at all times.

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