Caspers Are Proud Of The Heroic Actions Of Their Son

The release of hundreds of photos and documents from the shooting death of a Wisconsin State Trooper fills his family with a mixture of emotions. Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney says he’s spoken with the family of Trooper Trevor Casper as those records and his report on the March 24th shooting have been released over the past week. He says they remain proud of their son. Toney says Casper’s parents should be proud of the way they raised their son. He says from what’s been learned of the trooper it should be no surprise that he made the decision to put the community before himself. He says that’s a testament to way he was raised by family and friends and how he was trained by the State Patrol. He says having to listen to the heart-wrenching audio of fellow officers rushing to the 21-year-old Kiel native’s aid is difficult for the family. He says its hard hearing the emotion of troopers and other officers that were at the scene. Toney says he’s preferred to focus on the heroic actions of Trooper Casper on March 24th. Casper got into a fatal exchange of gunfire with bank robber Steven Snyder when Snyder was pursued into Fond du Lac that day.