CDC Continuing Investigation into Lung Disease Cases Linked to Vaping

Health officials continue to investigate the cause of
numerous cases around the country that are linked to vaping and e-cigarette
use. The latest numbers from Wisconsin show 78 confirmed and probable cases of
lung disease and another 18 that are still under investigation. 29 of the state’s
72 counties have reported cases, including Fond du Lac, Dodge, Sheboygan,
Washington and Winnebago counties.

Sandy Bernier, Tobacco Control Program Coordinator with
the Fond du Lac County Health Department tells us that while the CDC has identified one of the
possible causes of the lung disease, they’re still looking into other potential
causes that aren’t quite as clear. “They know that THC has been in many of the
cases, but not all the cases,” Bernier said. “But they still haven’t pinpointed
what the specific ingredient is that’s causing all of these lung problems.” She
explains that because vaping products are not regulated and can easily have
substances added to them, the CDC is trying to figure out what, if any specific
ingredients may have been added or mixed together that could be causing the
lung injuries.

Both the CDC and the Wisconsin Department of Health
Services advise people to avoid using all vaping or e-cigarette products,
especially those that may contain THC.

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