Chairman Of FDL County Republican Party Says “Time To Move On”

There’s a lot at stake today in Georgia, as voters head to the polls once again, this time for a Senate runoff. The runoffs will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate, and likely will be a key factor in how much success President-elect Joe Biden has.

The chairman of the FDL County Republican Party tells KFIZ News there’s a great deal of pressure being applied locally regarding the race. “I know that our Congressman is under enormous pressure to vote in favor of the objection. I know that other county chairmen are calling his office.” Rohn Bishop says, when it comes to the national elections, it’s time to take the blinders off. “They refuse to accept the reality that we just came up a little short in a few states and that we didn’t win.”

Bishop also says the objecting to the Electoral Votes on Wednesday could be interesting as well. “There’s going to be some objections from members of the House of Representatives on Wednesday when they go through and read off the electoral votes from the 50 states. When they object those states, and I’m guessing they’ll be Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin, that will open up a two-hour debate in each chamber.”

While Bishop said the pain of losing the presidential election in November was a hard pill to swallow, there were a number of bright spots locally, in the statewide and nationwide. And he says “unless something completely unforeseen happens, Republicans just do not have the votes to stop the counting of the electoral college in which Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes and at some point you need to just accept the reality and move on.”