Challenge To FDL Police Officers Resignation

An attorney representing the City of Fond du Lac says the City will appeal the decision of a circuit court judge in a civil lawsuit that reinstated an officer following an internal investigation. Winnebago County Judge Karen Seifert found cause in a state statute to reinstate Officer Curt Beck. Beck is being represented by Fond du Lac lawyer Dan Kaminsky who says Beck didn’t resign, he was fired. He says Beck was fired wrongfully and was told he could call it a resignation. Officer Beck has been reinstated, but was immediately placed on administrative leave pending further proceedings before the Police and Fire Commission. Attorney James Macy says the Department prepared a draft of charges it planned to present to the PFC and shared them with Kaminsky, hoping to reach a resolution before the charges were filed with the PFC. Kaminsky says he was sent proposed charges, but it wasn’t a genuine effort to reach a resolution, but to threaten Beck to resign. Kaminsky filed charges against Police Chief Bill Lamb with the PFC. He claims Lamb committed perjury during a deposition testimony. Macy says the Police Department is taking the position that the charges are “completely without merit and border on frivolous.” The Department Friday filed its own charges with the PFC against Beck. Kaminsky says the City and Department has wasted a lot of time and money on the matter. He estimates its cost the City roughly $250,000 in wages and attorney’s fees in what he says appears to be a personal vendetta. Beck was one of four officers who were subjects of an internal investigation two years ago into alleged extramarital affairs. The other three are no longer with the department.