Change in Attitude Towards Binge-Drinking Could Improve Health

A USA Today report lists Fond du Lac as the twelfth drunkest city in America. The report shows about 23.5% of adults in the city drink to excess. But it also points out that just 13.8% of adults in Fond du Lac are in fair or poor health, which is actually lower than the 16% of adults nationwide. 

County Public Health Officer Kim Mueller says that number for health could get even better if there is a shift in the attitude around binge-drinking. She tells us “if we can get people to change their ways and not make that their culture of what they just do every single weekend, those poor health outcomes should continue to go up and improve.”

Mueller admits that Wisconsin does tend to drink more, and it is seemingly part of the culture in the state that would be difficult to change. Ten Wisconsin cities are listed in the top 20 drunkest cities – with seven of them landing in the top ten, along with all of the top four spots.