Charter Spectrum Phone Scam

A phone scam with callers claiming to be from Charter Spectrum is hitting the Fond du Lac area. Police say there have been a handful of reports about the scam – where callers offer a great deal for a Charter Spectrum bundle. 

Officer Erik Foster says if the deal sounds too good to be true, you should contact the company directly. Foster advises “whatever is on your billing statement or you look it up on the internet or a phonebook. Call that number and ask ‘hey I just got this call, is this a legitimate deal that you have going on?’ If it is, great, good for you! But most likely you’re going to see that it’s not.”

Foster adds that there will likely be a point in the conversation that should trigger second thoughts. He says “right away they say they need your credit card to get things going, and
then it’ll be down. Well if it was really Charter, they have your account.
They’re aware of what your information is, and they’re just going to bill you
if you change it. They’re not going to ask for your credit card right away. So
that’s a big red flag number one.” 

Foster says to report any call that asks for your credit card or account information to get the deal.