Chegwin Running Club

Chegwin Running Club, a group of 56 first through fifth grade students at Chegwin Elementary School, met weekly during the months of April and May this past spring. Each week, Chegwin Running Club members stretched and then ran at least 1 mile, with many students running up to 2 miles per workout. Together the group logged a total of over 360 miles! A highlight of the season was the Fond du Lac Running Club’s Youth Run held at Buttermilk Park, where 18 members of Chegwin Running Club and Chegwin Girls on the Run competed, and 11 of Chegwin’s runners placed in the top ten of their grade level.


Seated, left to right: Isabella Brown, Hans Tries, David Noren, Josie Wartenberg, Valeria Reveles, Carter Reese, Shaynah Lewis, Ivy Lynn Nayotte, Zairiyon Long;

Kneeling: Camryn Lewis, Morrie Riegert, Fernando Mota Jr., Katie Jones, Abby Weinshrott, Carter Thao, Leonel Enriquez, Jessica Fields, Brooklyn Brown, Cesilia Ramirez-Perez, Kiley Jevron, Emily Mclellan, Dianne Garcia;

3rd row: Oscar Navas, Augustine Guzman, Viktor Tries, Zander Keepers, Jayden Brown, Briana Brown, Joseph Sutter, Rori Bowe, Gaby Rivera, Alex Pippert, Josiah Canady, Jared Fields, Payton Wartenberg;

Back row: Tou Lee, Devin Thompson, Ben Toman, Houston Mitchell, Kevion Evans, Elijah Mitchell, Nehimiah Ashley, Brea Evans, Dallas Mendoza, Jaitin Beauchamp, Mariya Xiong, Easton Jones, and Maritsa Reyes.