Chemical Spill Causes Evacuation in Oshkosh

The Oshkosh Police Department issued an evacuation order on the south side of Oshkosh on Friday after a chemical spill at Hydrite Chemical. Officials say about 1000 gallons of muriatic acid spilled at the company just before 1pm. The Oshkosh fire department helped clean up the spill and residents were allowed to return to their home a few hours later.  Oshkosh Corporation also evacuated its headquarters because of the spill.  Authorities said their was no great danger to the public unless they came in actual contact with the chemical.  The area of the evacuation was from W. 28th Ave. to the north; Bradley St. to the east; W. Waukau Ave. to the south; and Perimeter Rd. to the west in Oshkosh, WI should be evacuated.