Childrens Dental Health Important

With kids returning to school for fall classes a couple officials with Dental Associates in Fond du Lac have tips for the sake of children’s dental health. Start early getting kids used to brushing their teeth. It’s recommended even before they have teeth to use a washcloth during bath time to go through the motions of brushing teeth to get them accustomed to the idea. Kids should brush their teeth each morning and before bed. Dr. Maddie Walter says for younger kids under the age of 3 not much toothpaste is needed. About a rice-sized amount of toothpaste is all that is needed. She also urges using fluoride at least once a day after they reach the age of three to help build strong teeth. Flossing is also recommended. Limiting sugar is important. You can offer fruit, vegetables, nuts or cheese for snacks. Seeing a dentist twice a year should also be a priority.