Children’s Museum Urges “Prescription to Play”

The Children’s Museum
of Fond du Lac
is sharing
a joint call from pediatricians and children’s museums across the state – to
let the children play. A clinical report released by the American Academy of
Pediatrics highlights numerous benefits that play provides for children, and
urges doctors to “prescribe play” to children everywhere. 

children’s museums look to provide a safe and supported way to include play in
children’s lives – as they partner with local pediatricians and health care
providers to emphasize the connection between the importance of play and the
resources that the museums offer. Even as science shows how critical
unstructured play is to children’s mental, physical, and social development –
it seems to continually be replaced by instruction or screen time. 

A public
“Prescription to Play” webinar is being hosted by the national Association of
Children’s Museums at 4:00 next Monday afternoon. It is open and free to all
who register – and a recording will be publicly available afterwards.