City Attorney Reverses Conflict Of Interest Opinion, Giles Now Able To Vote Tonight

In news that will certainly add to the interest surrounding the Wednesday night Fond du Lac City Council meeting, councilmember Ben Giles has informed KFIZ News that the Conflict of Interest complaint against him has been reversed.

In a phone conversation with KFIZ News, Giles said he was given the news from City Attorney Deb Hoffmann late last week, and that he will now be able to offer input, add to discussion, and vote on matters surrounding the Lakeside Park Alternative Master Plan and the hotly contested Developers Agreement.

Giles had been silenced in his opportunity to participate in any discussions surrounding the Lakeside Park project, as well as forced to abstain from all votes taking place regarding the Park since late last fall.

The memo from Attorney Hoffmann can be seen here:

Council is set to meet Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m.