City Budget Amended For FDL Library Expansion Project

By a unanimous vote the Fond du Lac City Council Wednesday night approved amending the City Budget for a $270,000 expansion of the downtown library. Library Board Vice President Mel Kolstad says buying the building at 52 Sheboygan Street to move their BookCellar program into would allow them to do more in the Library. Former City Councilman William Turner says the City could do a lot more with the $190,000 it plans to use for the purchase of the building. City officials explained that the $190,000 included $20,000 for contingencies and the actual purchase price could be in the $130,000 to $135,000 range. But the current owner essentially gutted the inside of the building and money would be needed to improve it and buy furnishings. An $80,000 block grant would help with developing the Idea Studio, which would be in the space where the BookCellar currently is. Council President Sam Meyer says the project also builds on the City’s Arts and Entertainment District. He says the addition of the former drug store property to the Library property will be a positive change not only to the library, but to the downtown overall.