City Council Candidate Says Door Bell Video “Must Be An April Fool’s Day Joke” And Homeowners Respond

It must be an April Fool’s Day joke. That’s what Fond du Lac City Council candidate Misty Gedlinske is calling a recently-released Ring doorbell video of her. The video is making the social media rounds, and was also sent to KFIZ News. It shows an un-masked Gedlinske leaving campaign material at the door, while a dog is heard barking in the background. Gedlinske is then seen walking away, saying what sounds like “bye” to apparently the dog, and then flashes what some social media posts are saying is the middle finger. The video can be seen here:

KFIZ News reached out to Gedlinske for comment, and in an e-mail exchange, she responded with the following:

“Due to COVID-19, my campaign is doing no-contact literature drops as an alternative to traditional door knocking or hosting in-person events.  I simply go to the door, put a campaign postcard on the door handle or under the door mat, and leave without knocking or ringing the doorbell. I do carry a mask with me in my hand in case of any face-to-face contact with residents.

I have consistently worn a mask at all candidate forums and panel events hosted by other parties. I do not wear a mask while I am alone outdoors.

As to the claim I made an obscene hand gesture to a barking dog, this must be some kind of April Fools Day joke. I waved and said “bye,” which is clearly audible on the video clip you sent me. Construing that as anything else is possibly the silliest accusation I have ever encountered.

I’ll be finishing up the last of my literature drops today and Saturday. Security camera owners are invited to watch closely to see if they can spot me in their neighborhoods. I’m rather short and have small feet, so I hope I’m not mistaken for Bigfoot!”

The homeowners that recorded the incident reached out to KFIZ News late Thursday afternoon and gave their side of the story as well as sending a host of screen shots. John Wyant told KFIZ News that Gedlinske gave both he and his wife Kate Wyant the middle finger twice, and the screenshots show Gedlinske arguing with Kate Wyant via social media. Gedlinske at first appears to deny being near the residence, and then threatens a libel suit against the Wyant’s.

Gedlinske also denies, in the exchange, that she waved the middle finger. John Wyant said he was sitting on his couch when Gedlinske again waved the middle finger for a second time. Wyant said neither he nor his wife did anything to entice the incident. Wyant also said he was surprised to see Gedlinske dropping off campaign material without a mask, as he is a kidney transplant survivor of 20 years and has been home in self-quarantine to avoid catching the virus.

Gedlinske is one of six running for the three seats up for election in the City Council race next week Tuesday, April 6.