City Council Sees Updated Lakeside Park Building Revisions, Miller Thinks More Time Needed To Decide

Fond du Lac City Council had a chance to see the latest design for the multi-purpose building that is being proposed for Lakeside Park, as part of the Alternative Master Plan. Josh Musack, Purchasing Manager for the City of Fond du Lac, and also a member of the Management Team for the project, made the presentation, and while a number of council members applauded Musack and his team for the work being done, Councilwoman Kay Miller asked that they add another 50 days to the original 120 days that was granted to review the plans.

Miller felt the timeline between the February meetings and when a final decision was originally expected, is just too tight. A proposed amphitheater appears to be off the table for right now, while the skating rink that was planned for the amphitheater, is now slated to be put closer to the current splash pad location within Lakeside Park. Council is set to take up the matter again in their February meetings.