City Council Session Results In 3 Alternate Locations In Lakeside Park

The Fond du Lac City Council held a special meeting Tuesday afternoon, with a goal of finding some common ground for a potential new location of the proposed restaurant/multi-use building located within Lakeside Park.

City Manager Joe Moore opened up the discussion, reiterating the fact that timing is critical, and that while the council voted in favor of pausing the project until May 12, that didn’t mean the donor group, Lakeside Forward, is looking to halt the work.

A map of Lakeside Park was put up, with individual maps handed out to the seven councilmembers. City staff members Josh Musack and Dyann Benson asked council to circle on their own maps, where they thought potential locations could work for the building.

Council members started with 14 potential sites, and through the process of discussion and elimination, narrowed that list to 3. The three potential alternate locations include one location to the west of the current pavilion; one location to the east of the parking lot on Oven Island; and a final location to the south of where Yacht Club parking lot.

The choices will now be presented to the Lakeside Forward donor group, who had at least 4 representatives in the audience, as to whether any of the locations will meet with their approval. Council President Kay Miller closed the session by thanking all those in attendance for the hard work, and said she was proud of the work done during the session, saying “this is what a team looks like.” 

FDL City Council identified 14 potential locations for the multi-use building (noted by the yellow post-it notes above; they settled on 3 locations (noted in pink, below) that most of the Council would be comfortable with