City Leaders Still Talking Over Options for Lakeside Park Pavilion Design

City leaders in Fond du Lac
are still working through their options when it comes to the design of the new Lakeside
Park Pavilion. The council voted in November to put a hold on design and
planning work for the project, to allow for any alternative plans to be brought
forward and considered. The hold was placed until February 15th, and
City Council President Brian Kolstad tells us discussion on any new ideas, and
a decision on how to move forward should be coming just before that deadline.

“What may happen is, we’ll
come up with some ideas or there will be some ideas presented to us, and we’ll
have a discussion to decide if we want to proceed with a different direction or
not and see what comes from that,” Kolstad said. If all goes to plan, Kolstad
says those discussions would happen at the council meeting on February 12th.

If the council opts not to
move forward with a different design plan, the original plan for constructing a
new pavilion will move forward. The original plans call for construction on the
new building to begin following Walleye Weekend this summer, with the new one
finished by June of 2021.