City Manager Hopes Weekend Visitors Come Back Again

Walleye Weekend returns to Fond du Lac this weekend, with the three-day festival kicking off today and running through Sunday at Lakeside Park.  

Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore tells KFIZ News that the celebration is not only a chance for locals to come and enjoy music, food and fun – but its also a chance for people from out of town to experience what the city has to offer, and hopefully make another visit in the future.  

There’s a chance those people will continue to come back here, not only for the festival they came and liked but for some other things too. You go to any community, if you’re there and have a good time, and you leave with a really good impression, you’re likely to come back. ” 

Moore says having festivals like Walleye Weekend and other events and attractions definitely play a role in bringing people to town – and part of it can be seen in the hotel constructions and renovations seen around the community is recent years.