City Manager Says Future Discussions Need To Be About The Ideas

Now that the Fond du Lac City Council has approved a payment of over $377-thousand dollars to the Lakeside Forward group to formally cancel the Lakeside Park enhancement agreement – the question becomes how do the different parties involved, and the community as a whole, move forward from this chapter and still work together on bettering the community.

Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore tells KFIZ News that he’d like to see any future discussions on ideas be focused on the idea itself, and not the people that are in favor or against it.

“You know, as we talk about various initiatives, it’s great to acknowledge that really bright people can disagree. You can disagree, somewhat, even extremely in some cases. But if we’re talking about the idea itself and not the person who is expressing it or the person expressing the concerns, I think that is very helpful.”

The Council voted 6-0 to approve the payment at its meeting last week.