City Manager To Discuss Proposed 2022 Budget

The Fond du Lac City Council will meet for the their final meeting of August, and the agenda includes a presentation on the proposed 2022 budget.

City Manager Joe Moore is set to give the update, and points out that the population growth in the City of Fond du Lac has grown by just over 1,600 residents to 44,678. That’s a 3.9% increase since 2010, versus 3.6% for the state. Moore will also point out that property values have increased 18% since 2010.

The City Manager also points out in his presentation that the General Fund Budget is balanced at just over $36.3 million dollars. That budget provides for all departmental operational and capital requirements. 62% of the budget is set aside for Public Safety, while 23% is earmarked for Public Works. Moore does point out an area of concern, and that’s the lack of growth in operating revenues, which he says is not sustainable long term.

Council is set to meet at 6 p.m. in the City/County Government building.