City Of FDL Advisory Park Board Set To Discuss Lakeside Park

The City of Fond du Lac Advisory Park Board is set to meet again later today (10/26), and a number of items surrounding Lakeside Park are included on the agenda. Director of Public Works, Jordan Skiff, is scheduled to give an update to the Board regarding the Lakeside Forward Enhancement Agreement Status, and an Alternate Master Plan Management Team. Skiff will also let the Board know where everything stands as it relates to the Feasibility Study that was expected to be released by the end of this month. There’s also conversation expected to be had, regarding the lawsuit filed The Friends of Lakeside Park Group. The goal of that suit is to put the Lakeside Park matter to public vote, by means of a referendum next spring. Council is set to meet Wednesday, but as of Monday, there’s nothing on the agenda regarding Lakeside Park at all.