City Of FDL Donates Two Ice Saws

Two ice saws the City of Fond du Lac used to harvest ice are being donated to the Fond du Lac chapter of the State Historical Society. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff told the City Council last week that Rich Sharp who oversees the yard where they keep construction and maintenance was concerned about the saws that have been stored since 1995. Skiff says Sharp thought it would be better to donate them to someone who could display them and appreciate their role in the history of ice harvesting. Skiff told the Council the two saws would fetch less than $1,000 if they were sold. He says their historical value is more significant. He says the City lent them to the Historical Society, but he asked the Council to make that permanent. The Council did approve the donation. Skiff estimates the age of the saws at 80 to 100 years old.