City Of FDL Hydrant Flushing Schedule Released

The City of Fond du Lac Water Utility has scheduled bi-annual citywide unidirectional water main flushing to begin on Monday, October 21st, 2019. The schedule for the flushing is as follows: Monday – Northeast Section, Tuesday – Southeast, Wednesday – Southwest and Northwest. Flushing operations will take place each day between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. If unexpected problems occur, the schedule could extend into Thursday, October 24th. The City is divided into quarters with Main Street, Fourth Street and Western Avenue used as boundary lines.

The objective of this program is to improve overall water quality. Flushing rids the water of mineral sediment by scouring and cleaning the interior walls of pipes. When water is systematically pulled in one general direction by opening hydrants, these sediments are flushed out.

During hydrant flushing, residents may notice a slight discoloration of water. This is temporary and poses no health risk. However, residents are asked not do laundry or use automatic ice machines until the water runs clear from your tap. It is advisable to avoid running water while the crew is flushing on your street. If homeowners encounter discolored water after City flushing has occurred, water service pipes to individual homes can be flushed by running a cold water tap for about 5 minutes. If pressure or volume seems low, check faucet screens for trapped particles. If you still experience problems with water quality or pressure after the flushing event, please contact the City of Fond du Lac Water Utility at 322-3680.