City Of FDL Reallocates Block Grant Monies

Under a new requirement by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development the City of Fond du Lac will have to have less money on hand from previous community development block grant awards. Community Development Director Dyann Benson says the City’s Redevelopment Authority recently approved some reallocations. She says their revolving loan funds for economic development and housing have been so successful that they are able to reallocate funding. She says $400,000 will be reallocated to allow the Fondy Food Pantry to move into the former St. Vincent de Paul location on Rolling Meadows Drive. She says they will also be reallocating $125,000 for a pair of enhancement projects. She says $100,000 will be spent on security cameras and enhancement for Hamilton Park and $25,000 will be used to replace shelters for the Fond du Lac Area Transit bus riders. Benson says if they don’t use the money by next January HUD has the authority to take some of the money back.