City of Fond du Lac Appoints a “Weed Commissioner”

The City of Fond du Lac has appointed a new Weed Commissioner. No, it’s not a new crime fighting arm of the Police Department – or someone asked to deal with less than legal substances. It’s a person tasked with keeping an eye out for noxious weeds that spring up in lawns and other grassy areas in the city. “I think we all know, there’s certain weeds you don’t want growing in your yard because they’re going to affect your neighbor’s yard, and they just really take hold and then they start getting in the way of the grass growing,” City Manager Joe Moore said. “So the Weed Commissioner that we appoint is our Director of Public Works – it gives him some authorities, if we were to see those noxious weeds growing in somebody’s yard – we can go knock on their door and tell them ‘you really need to address that because they don’t go away on their own’.” Moore says the city is also responsible for public spaces in the city, like creek banks, parks and other grassy areas where weeds can pop up. The City Council discussed the appointment of the Weed Commissioner at their meeting last week.

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