City Of Fond du Lac Ethics Board To Meet Tuesday

It’s been a busy past nine months for the City of Fond du Lac Ethics Board. And the meetings will continue, as the Board is set to meet Tuesday afternoon in closed session.

An agenda released by City Clerk Margaret Hefter shows the board will meet at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, to “discuss the receipt of a verified ethics complaint regarding a specific person, which if discussed in public could have a substantial adverse effect on their reputation.”

This subject is exempt under Wisconsin Statutes Section 19.85(1)(f)

The Board handed down a decision back in March regarding the ethics violations filed against councilman Ben Giles. Last week Josh Wilsmann, an employee with Excel Engineering, released information surrounding a potential conflict of interest ethics complaint against newly-elected councilman Patrick Mullen, and his involvement in a lawsuit filed against the city of Fond du Lac. City Attorney Deborah Hoffmann, in a opinion delivered to Mullen, said she thought there were no grounds for the potential complaint.