City of Fond du Lac Police/Fire Commission Sets Timeline To Hire Interim Chief/Replacement

It is expected that Fond du Lac Chief of Police Bill Lamb will be retiring by mid May. That announcement was made Thursday afternoon during the Police and Fire Commission meeting.

The PFC spent time during the meeting on Thursday to discuss the timelines for a couple of key targets, including the hiring of an interim Chief of Police and the Request for Proposals from potential search firms.

City Manager Joe Moore made an appearance in front of the Commission, and gave his input regarding the upcoming search. Moore said City staff was prepared to assist in anyway they could, and recommended the PFC utilize the services of a national search firm to find the next Chief of Police for Fond du Lac. Moore said the position is an attractive one, and using a search firm will “cast the widest net” in order to find the best possible candidates across the county. Moore also said using a search firm would carry a price tag of close to $20,000 but would be an investment that would pay dividends for years.

Fond du Lac City Attorney Deb Hoffmann will be crafting an internal posting that will be used to attract interested candidates in the Interim Chief of Police position, with the goal of having that position filled by April 30, allowing that individual to have at least two weeks with the outgoing Chief of Police.

Hoffmann also said it’s expected to take upwards of three weeks to get the RFP’s sent out to the search firms, and to have those proposals back in the hands of city staff. Police and Fire Commission President Marty Ryan said he hoped all proposals would be back in house by April 30.