City of Fond du Lac Warns of Possible Credit Card Info Breach

City of Fond du Lac residents who paid their
water bills using the City’s online payment system are being asked to monitor
their credit statements after a possible breach of credit card information. The
City of Fond du Lac says people who made payments using the online system
between August and October of this year may have had their credit card numbers taken.
The City was informed by a local bank of the problem on December 12th, and the
third-party service the City uses for the online payment service confirmed there
was an issue that had been addressed in October. The city took the online payment
system offline last week. So far, card numbers appear to be the only
information taken because of the data breach.  Users may find small “test”
purchases on their credit statements from places like iTunes, Dunkin Donuts and
other online sites. Anyone who finds fraudulent charges should contact their
bank or cardholder immediately. The City says the vulnerability came from the
third-party vendor and that they do not store any credit card information from