City Refinances Notes/Bonds, Sees Even More Savings; Council Approves $30 Million Budget For 2022 Capital Improvements

The City of Fond du Lac will see even more savings than what it had originally expected by refinancing existing notes and bonds.

City of Fond du Lac Director of Administration Diane Salter said the refinancing of existing notes and bonds will take advantage of even lower rates, and Justin Fischer from Robert W. Baird said the savings are significant, “The savings that we showed you in October, $1.4 million went to $1.795 million.”

Fond du Lac City Manager Joe Moore also presented the Capital Improvement Plan budget for the next five years, and spelled out what the 2022 CIP looks like. “I’ll just mention that the CIP for next year is in the neighborhood of about $30 million. We have incorporated the changes that you irected at our budget meeting in mid-September.”

There was no further Council discussion, and the plan was approved by a unanimous vote.