City Staff Recommends Settling Lakeside Park Project For Over $377,000

The Fond du Lac City Council will meet next week, and on the agenda is Resolution 8944, which would approve the City paying Lakeside Forward $377,293.35 to bring an amicable close to what has been a contentious battle regarding development in Lakeside Park.

In a memo sent to City Manager Joe Moore and City Council Wednesday, July 7, City Attorney Deborah Hoffmann recommends that Council approve the settlement agreement.

The memo states that the settlement agreement needs to be approved no later than July 15, and if Council chooses not to approve, then LSF would continue with a lawsuit against the city. The payment would be made in one lump sum, and would be due within 30 days.

LSF is the donor group that committed almost $6 million in private funding to develop parts of Lakeside Park, including a multi-purpose building and a restaurant, which would have been located on Lighthouse Peninsula.

A new City Council was voted in back in April, and with 3 new council members (Tiffany Brault, Keith Heisler and Patrick Mullen) along with Council President Kay Miller voting against the current Alternative Master Plan, the plan was rescinded.

You can read the complete memo here: