Cleveland Authorities Looked At FDL County’s “Jane Doe”

Authorities in Cleveland, Ohio checked out the possibility that one of the missing women rescued from a home there might have been Fond du Lac County’s “Jane Doe.” Hunters found the woman’s body in Fond du Lac County in November of 2008. In 2009 authorities in Ohio contacted the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department to see if their “Jane Doe” might be Amanda Berry. Chief Deputy Sheriff Mark Strand says that possibility was quickly ruled out through DNA and dental records. Strand says the missing women turning up in Cleveland after all these years gives hope to other families such as the families of Laurie Depies and Amber Wilde two missing Northeastern Wisconsin women. As for “Jane Doe” she is still an open case for Fond du Lac County. Strand says at one point a sketch they received for a missing woman out East was nearly identical to the composite of “Jane Doe,” but that too was ruled out.  “Jane Doe” was given an official burial in Waupun in 2011. Shown “Jane Doe” composite.