Closing Arguments Given In FDL Murder Trial

“She didn’t want to leave a trail back to her and disgrace her family.” Those were the words Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney began his closing arguments with in the murder trial for a 39-year-old Fond du Lac woman. He was referring to the defendant Eve Nance who is suspected of shooting her husband Timothy to death in their home on November 1st of 2013. Toney told the jury Eve Nance was in shock after shooting her husband. He then contradicted that by stating a series of facts about her actions in the wake of the shooting including cleaning up the scene of the shooting, and disposing of Tim’s body. He said she even was able to continue to work for nearly three weeks after his death while still in shock. Toney said she even applied for the purchase of a mobile home. 

Repetition Makes Point In Murder Trial

The Fond du Lac County courtroom where a murder trial has been held the past two weeks slowly filled with spectators Thursday as closing arguments were given. District Attorney Eric Toney repeatedly reminded the jury that Eve Nance had shot Tim Nance in the head twice. The emphasis was a constant reminder as Toney argued why Tim Nance’s death should be considered intentional homicide. Toney said Tim Nance was by no means a saint, but it doesn’t make what happened on November 1st of 2013 okay. He also repeated several times something Eve Nance allegedly told Tim, “The only way you’re getting a divorce is if you’re dead.”