Co Chairs For Windy Dinner Thelma Style Named

Rick and Pat Miller (pictured above) return and Ron and Terri Emanuel (pictured below) have been named as co-chairs of the 15th annual Windy Dinner THELMA Style, the largest fundraising event for Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (THELMA).

Windy Dinner THELMA Style is set for Wednesday, October 7. Reservations may be made at

Ron and Terri Emanuel, owner of The Goldsmith, have a long history with the arts. Terri Emanuel was one of the founding members of the Fond du Lac Arts Council which later became Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Inc. She is also a member of the board of directors for Marian University, Solutions Center, and Lutheran Homes & Health Services. She is also a Hospice volunteer. Ron is a longtime member of the THELMA Board of Directors and a consistent supporter and sponsor of THELMA programming.

Rick and Pat Miller own four Culver’s Restaurants in the area and are no strangers to community service. Habitat for Humanity, Agnesian HealthCare, Volunteer Center, Wisconsin Restaurant Association, the Fond du lac Area Foundation, the Women’s Fund, and of course, THELMA, are just some of the organizations in which they are or have been involved.

“There will be a strong emphasis on THELMA’s mission to provide access to the arts at this year’s Windy Dinner THELMA Style,” said Terri Emanuel. “It promises to be an entertaining yet educational night.”

The evening includes a full agenda with a cocktail reception, dinner, auctions, and entertainment. The recipient of the James C. Hubbard Windy Award will be honored.

“THELMA is privileged to have the assistance of such a dedicated people as the Emanuels and the Millers,” said Kevin Miller (no relation), THELMA’s executive director. “Both couples have dedicated themselves to bettering the community, and advancing THELMA’s mission.”

You may register for Windy Dinner THELMA Style by visiting and click tickets.