Commonwealth Annouces Plans for Redevelopment Of Retlaw Theatre

Commonwealth Development Corporation in Fond du Lac announced Thursday plans to redevelop the Retlaw Theatre into an upscale boutique hotel.  The company has acquired an option to purchase the property at 23 South Main Street. The proposed hotel will contain approximately 34 rooms along with retail commercial space on the street level of Main and Sheboygan Streets. Fond du Lac Community Development Director Wayne Rollin says it will compliment what was done with the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts and the Arts and Entertainment District. Rollin says they’ve worked with Commonwealth before and they will make sure the project is done right. As part of the redevelopment the dilapidated theater structure will be removed from the building to allow for new window and door openings as well as adequate parking supporting the new use.  If the company’s plans work out the hotel would open in the spring of 2015.